Our primary objective is to assist Boards, advisory committees and councils through the identification and provision of outstanding individuals and, on occasion, teams that demonstrate true leadership in their field. Typically we will pinpoint Executive and Non-Execuctive Management and Senior Advisors, however this often extends to specialists across region, function and sector.

Whilst it is most common for us to work with organisations at the very highest levels of management, we are also committed to the identification of “future leaders”. These are individuals who demonstrate vision, direction and above all the gravitas to inspire both current and future generations in modern leadership.

Through our phenomenal global network of respected leaders and inspirational mentors we have unique access to a great number of influential and powerful advisors, managers and principals who can work with the current leadership of both progressive organisations and/or entities that wish to inspire change.
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21st Century Leadership is a charitable brand name owned by 21st Century Leaders Ltd, the wholly owned trading subsidiary of Trade plus Aid, British charity registration number 1061376. Since April 2010, 21st Century Leaders has also been registered as the first international charitable not for profit organisation at Masdar, the world’s first ever zero waste carbon neutral City.