21st Century Leadership was established as a "for purpose" social enterprise business with the principal objective of supporting the work of its parent, 21st Century Leaders.  In this capacity it acts as a fund raising extension of 21st Century Leaders which, to date, has raised US$104,789,586 for poverty alleviation, the protection of children & environmental conservation. 

Through our close relationship with Government, Business, Celebrity and Academia we are seeking to assist those organisations and individuals that are searching for true leadership in their field or aspire to make a difference.  We work in 40 global markets but our primary focus with 21st Century Leadership is on organisations located in the Emerging, Frontier and Developing Markets who wish to draw on the expertise of effective and responsible businesses and individuals from within those markets but also from the developed markets.

In many respects our business is akin to a traditional executive search business, however we are looking to position people at senior levels who can inspire a new generation of successors.  Hence our primary business is working with Boards and Senior Management wishing to employ or acquire senior executives, non-executives and advisors with a forward thinking and fresh outlook to governance, business, management, sustainability and CSR (Corporate & Social Responsibility).

21st Century Leadership is a charitable brand name owned by 21st Century Leaders Ltd, the wholly owned trading subsidiary of Trade plus Aid, British charity registration number 1061376. Since April 2010, 21st Century Leaders has also been registered as the first international charitable not for profit organisation at Masdar, the world’s first ever zero waste carbon neutral City.
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